Technical Information

 How to select the right turgo runner?

  • We offer pre-sale engineering support to select the right runner based on;

                 Runner diameter
                 Site head
                 Spoon material
                 Target RPM

Pick from 50+ different runners

Spreadsheet file or PDF

Why Turgo? Difference between Turgo and Pelton

The following spreadsheets and resources are available for your reference and use.


Turbine sizing spreadsheet turgo.xls

Momentum Balance model spreadsheet impulse.xls

Coupled Pipe Friction Loss & Turbine Spreadsheet pipedp.xls (uses macros)

Kevin Eckstein’s Advanced Pipe Friction Loss & Turbine Spreadsheet pipedp4k.xls (uses macros)

Hub Drawings:  Blue Spoon , Green Spoon, Orange Spoon. (zip folders)

Intake Structure example, design sheet, 3D rendering.

A handy land and water conversion chart produced by Smith-Hartvigsen PLLC,

a Salt Lake City based law firm specializing in water and natural resource law.