Getting Started

There are a few key steps to making sure you have the right equipment for your project.  We help you evaluate your site variables and make sure you choose what you need to build your project.

How to measure Head
You can get a general idea by using Google earth.

  1. Draw a path along the proposed pipeline path.
  2. Select the path and right click.
  3. Select show elevation profile.
  4. Determine Elevation difference between proposed water inlet and outlets.

 For a more detailed head measurement basic surveying techniques can be utilized.  Some typical methods include.

  • Leveling, using level and rod.
  • Leveling using hand level and tape measure.
  • Helium balloon with fishing line and hand level.
  • Hose with pressure gauge.
  • Precision barometer.

 How to measure flow?

How to select a generator/motor?

  • What is your country of origin?  USA uses 60 Hz power, many other countries use 50 Hz power.
  • Are you producing AC or DC power?
  • Do you intend to use the power on site? or sell to the grid?
  • Sound considerations?  Higher RPM systems emit more noise.
  • Distance from turbine to battery bank and/or power delivery point.

 How to select the right turgo runner?

  • We offer pre-sale engineering support to select the right runner based on;

                 Runner diameter
                 Site head
                 Spoon material
                 Target RPM

Pick from 50+ different runners

Spreadsheet file or PDF