My name is Joe and what began as a quest to build a power source for a remote farmhouse became a hobby and obsession.  My unique knowledge and background spending summers on a farm, working at a water treatment plant and my education and career in chemical engineering have helped balance the many engineering disciplines incorporated into microhydro projects.  I have had the pleasure of meeting many of my customers on some of my business travels throughout the world.   I am proud to provide you with quality components that are built to last and uniquely chosen for your project.  I am grateful to my family who has supported me in this endeavor and am glad to have recently employed all their skills in helping me.   One of my sons provides web support and his wife took the beautiful photos showcased on the home page.  My son Aaron is a licensed civil engineer and has started learning the ropes of sizing wheels and providing other technical support.

Aside from working crazy hours as a senior research engineer and helping my customers design and build hydro systems.  I enjoy farming, gardening and playing with my grandchildren.