Build Your Own Turgo Powerplant

Use the spreadsheet below to determine the power potential of your site.

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Find the runner diameter to match site head and rpm.

Schematic of a direct drive turgo system
Courtesy Peter Ruyter .

Nozzles retracted to show runner, arbor and coupling arrangement for connection to motor shaft.

Motor, runner and nozzles on a simple welded and anodized aluminum frame.


Tour the Aspen Hollow Hydro Site


Sketch of frame with shaft water seal and splash walls

Pelton and turgo sizing spreadsheet turgo.xls

Momentum Balance model spreadsheet impulse.xls

Coupled Pipe Friction Loss & Turbine Spreadsheet pipedp.xls (uses macros)

Kevin Eckstein's Advanced Pipe Friction Loss & Turbine Spreadsheet pipedp4k.xls (uses macros)

Hub Drawings:  20, 24, and 26 Blue Spoon , 30 Orange Spoon

A handy land and water conversion chart produced by Smith-Hartvigsen PLLC,
a Salt Lake City based law firm specializing in water and natural resource law.