All orders are placed via e-mail!

To order and pay using paypal, wire transfer or by check

1. Send me and e-mail clearly stating the following

  • items you want to order
  • desired shipping method
  • shipping address formatted according to your local convention
  • how you wish to pay (PayPal, wire transfer or check)

2. We will usually need to exchange several e-mails until everything is clearly worked out for both of us, but please stick to e-mail.

3. I email you with a simple invoice listing the prices and total cost.

Orders over $3000 USD are usually easier if payed by check or wire transfer.

If you have a PayPal account through eBay, you can use that to pay to joe@h-hydro.com. Signup for PayPal is free, and allows payment from a bank account rather than a credit card.  For security purposes their signup process takes several days in order to verify your email address, street address and account information.

If you prefer you may mail a check payable in USD through a US bank to the address below. Make check in the name of “Joseph Hartvigsen”. Many countries provide such a service through a national bank or post office which often have a branch in New York City.  Other services such as Western Union may also be used.


Shipping Estimate (Email for your specific rate):
$14 USA, $20 to $30 International for spoons &  blue runners
$18 USA, $62 International for orange spoon runners

Large order shipping by quote.

Product Availability

I keep a supply of hubs on hand for bluespoon runners, am usually able to build them within one to two weeks of receiving an order. This depends on availability of spoons and specific arbor types. Green, Orange and larger spoon runners are usually made to order, with typical lead times in the range of 3-6 weeks.


Joseph Hartvigsen
1529 South 400 East
Kaysville, UT 84037  USA